MGF032 – Manuel Moreno & Mario Aureo – Floating EP

Musik Gewinnt Freunde returns with a brand new chapter called “Floating EP”. This time signed by Swiss Manuel Moreno and German Mario Aureo. These guys are well-known for stunning releases and remixes…

Releasedate: 26.08.16

Musik Gewinnt Freunde - Podcast - Leo Leal

This fourth chapter of the MGF podcast series comes from our dear friend from Mexico. Ladies and gentlemen here for you Leo Leal.

Enjoy his beautiful mix, it’s worth it.

MGF031 - Various Artists

With our upcoming MGF031 we are more than ready to start the new year which will also mark the 10th anniversary of Musik Gewinnt Freunde and there’s no better way to begin this very special moment …

Releasedate: 22.01.16

Musik Gewinnt Freunde - Podcast - Cosmic Cowboys

MGF returns with the 3rd episode of its podcast sessions this time delivered by our very own Cosmic Cowboys from Venice. An hour of stunning music that perfectly combines emotion and groove in that unique way these guys…


Jake Chambers - Won’t Change Myself / Black Swan

To describe this brand new chapter for Musik Gewinnt Freunde and the artist behind this incredible release it would be necessary to get ready to adventure yourselves into the shadows…

Releasedate: 25.09.15

Musik Gewinnt Freunde - Podcast - Jonas Saalbach

The second chapter of the MGF podcast series comes from one of Germany’s brightest new talents: Jonas Saalbach.

Enjoy his beautiful mix!

MGF029 – YokoO - Oneness EP

After recently joining the All Day I Dream and Kindisch families, YokoO returns to Musik Gewinnt Freunde with another exquisite 4 track package showcasing his talent. Stripped back sensual grooves…

Releasedate: 29.06.15

Musik Gewinnt Freunde - Podcast - Matthus Raman

Great new release, great new mix!!! Matthus Raman did a fresh new podcast for Musik Gewinnt Freunde. He just delivered a wonderful 28th release titled "Swimming With Birds"…

Enjoy it & give it a listen now!!!

MGF028 – Swimming with Birds EP

With this 28th release of Musik Gewinnt Freunde titled “Swimming With Birds” we will introduce you to the amazing music of Matthus Raman backed up with a stunning remix delivered by the mysterious Jake Chambers.

Releasedate: 25.05.15

MGF027 – Flawless EP

„Adrian Garza“ & „Leo Leal“ are surely pretty new in the scene but what they bring us with this EP is definitely pure pleasure for the ears combining silky and emotional melodies with crispy beats creating a special …

Releasedate: 03.11.14

MGF026 – Amazonia EP

Since many years our good friend YokoO is part of the „Musik Gewinnt Freunde“ family but now its time for him to present his first full EP with all his visions what electronic music represents for him.

Releasedate: 05.05.14

MGF025 – Various Artists #1-2014

Musik Gewinnt Freunde starts the year with a new chapter made by three great tracks signed by three great rising talents that we’re proud to introduce you. Different sounds and atmospheres on this brand new release as …

Releasedate: 24.03.14

MGF024 – Cosmic Cowboys – Zero Gravity Love

The „Cosmic Cowboys“ project was born in 2008 from the different styles of two young venetian artists: Nicola Sansoni aka „Randomatique“ and Kaled Jabari aka „Kaledj“. For „Zero Gravity Love“ their…

Releasedate: Vinyl/digital 25.11.13

MGF023 – Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Collection

Kollektiv Turmstrasse specialise in making a uniquely German take on house music. Melodic and melancholic, featuring samples of live instruments, but also with that unmistakably German penchant for precision, …

Releasedate: 22.07.13

MGF022 – Ferrein – Meeting Sea

With our upcoming release MGF022 „Meeting Sea“ on Musik Gewinnt Freunde we open the sound-universe with and for Ilia Ferrein from Novosibirsk, Russia. Once for all, it‘s clear, it‘s about Dubtechno here.…

Releasedate: 03.06.13

MGF021 – Across the borders

Musik Gewinnt Freunde will kick off the year 2013 with Raw Verse, Vid Vai, My Head und YokoO. We are incredibly happy have these fantastic artists on board. Our catalogue number 21…

Releasedate: 11.03.13

MGF020 – Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Ordinary EP

Finally, after around 20 great releases on the label we are really happy to celebrate 6 years of „Musik Gewinnt Freunde“. True to the motto „Save The Vinyl“ we will present you the first double LP on „MFG“.

Releasedate: 13.08.12