MGF031 - Various Artists

1 One - In2Deep
2 Transformation - Soukie & Windish
3 CITRINE - Cosmic Cowboys & Leo Leal

With our upcoming  MGF031 we are more than ready to start the new year which will also mark the 10th anniversary of Musik Gewinnt Freunde and there’s no better way to begin this very special moment for our family then to present you this „Various Artists“ EP that along with well known members as Cosmic Cowboys and the mexican Leo Leal will introduce you to three new great addictions to the team as the canadian duo „In2Deep“, the germans Soukie & Windish and last but not least another talented artists coming from Venice as ARG.O to close this stunning pack that perfectly represent the idea behind our label and the sound we love to release in our productions.

In2Deep hails from Montreal and with their track „One“, a beautiful track able to emotion the listener with its silky textures and hypnotic sounds, begin this wonderful journey we’re proposing you on this brand new release. 

Coming next we have Soukie & Windish, the two label heads from „URSL“ which also debut of Musik Gewinnt Freunde with their amazing „Transformation” which lead us on a different path that will bring us on a darker side that anyway still melt perfectly with its deep and breathtaking harmonies.

As our label name says what we love to do is to bring people from all over the world together through the music and this is what happened with the italians Cosmic Cowboys and Leo Leal which also recently joined the family. The guys brought as contribution to this pack „Citrine“ which express a great new perspective of sound that along with Nico & Kaled’s love for a more epic build with several sound layers sums up also the sexiness that is essential in Leo’s sound creating something new that we really love.

Closing up this new adventure we are happy to have the amazing track named „Black Vision“ from ARG.O which is the right thing for the dark winter nights and that will simply catch you since the begin and now let you down till the very last sound.

Format: digital
Releasedate: 22.01.16