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MGF027 - Flawless EP

1 Adrian Garza, Leo Leal - Jachin

2 Adrian Garza, Leo Leal - Boaz

3 Adrian Garza, Leo Leal - Flawless

With our new MGF027 EP we are pleased to introduce you two new rising talents from Mexico which we’re sure if you haven’t heard about yet you’ll definitely get to know them very soon. „Adrian Garza“ & „Leo Leal“ are surely pretty new in the scene but what they bring us with this EP is definitely pure pleasure for the ears combining silky and emotional melodies with crispy beats creating a special intensity in this three beautiful tracks which this amazing package is composed about and the name the guy picked for it „Flawless” totally fits to the result of their work cause in these tracks is very hard to find any mistake as the growing structure and the essential arrangement of the tracks are absolutely creating something special. “Jachin” and “Boaz” drives us trough unexpected ways with it’s silky atmosphere and dreamy synthesizers full of melancholy while „Flawless” totally gets into an adventure that still makes the emotions the core of the message in the track but this time with a different point of view adding to deeper sounds some kind of funky attitude that combined with piano and stabs make this track a very unique journey. Even if winter times are coming and cold is around the corner here at the „Musik Gewinnt Freunde“ headquarter.

Format: digital

Releasedate: 03.11.14

buy at: Juno, Beatport, boomkat, bleep

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